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WordPress has two different editors available to use when creating content on your website:

  • The Classic Editor provides your traditional, word processor-style experience
  • The Gutenberg Editor provides a drag-and-drop, block-based method of creating content

To provide a familiar, predictable experience, we disable the Gutenberg Editor on all new sites by default.  If you wish to enable the Gutenberg Editor, you can file a support ticket by clicking the blue and white “Get Help” button while signed in to your store manager account.

Using the Classic Editor

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The Classic Editor is designed to work much like a traditional Word Processor, with a toolbar along the top to provide basic styling options.  You can also paste content you’ve put together in Microsoft Word into the editor and publish it as-is with only minor formatting fixes.

In the top-right corner of the editing screen is a box labeled “Publish“.  Pressing the blue button in this box will save and publish the current content of the post.  You can also change the post’s visibility settings here in case you wish to keep the post in draft mode or otherwise hide it from public view.

Below the Publish box there may be several additional boxes in this column for additional functions such as categorizing the content (as shown in the example above) or adding a featured image to a post.

Using the Gutenberg Editor

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