Connecting Your eProcessingNetwork Account

  • In your admin back-end, go to WooCommerce > Settings
  • Click on the Payments tab along the top of the page
  • A list of available payment methods will appear on the page.  Click on eProcessing Network to edit its settings


On the eProcessing Network Settings page, you’ll see the following options:

Option Name Description
Enable/Disable This box should be checked; otherwise it will not be available for use during checkout
Title The name to show for the payment method during checkout.  Defaults to “Credit Card”
Description An additional description of the payment method that will be shown to customers checking out alongside the title
ePN Account Your eProcessing Network Account ID, as provided by your merchant services company
RestrictKey The secret key provided along with your ePN Account ID that is used to authenticate your account when submitting transactions
Test Mode If checked, transactions will be submitted using a set of dummy credentials

Please see the section on About Test Mode below for more details

About Test Mode

While the payment gateway is in test mode, a set of dummy credentials will be used to submit transactions for approval.  What this means is the following:

  • Transactions will be automatically approved, unless they equal an amount reserved for providing a specific response [Details here]
  • No payment information submitted is stored.  If a transaction is accidentally performed in Test Mode, there is no way to recover the payment information except to ask the person to submit the transaction again.
  • In order to prevent accidents, our ePN gateway takes several precautions to make it clear when the gateway is in test mode:
    • During checkout a big, yellow box will appear informing the purchaser that the gateway is in test mode, and that orders placed while in this state will not be fulfilled.
    • An e-mail is sent to the store manager when the transaction is approved to let them know that a test transaction occurred.
    • The order notes for the transaction will show that a test was performed.

Test Mode Reserved Transaction Amounts

The following transaction amounts will trigger pre-programmed responses automatically when Test Mode is active.  As such, we highly recommend avoiding them when conducting tests.

Amount Response
$0.00 Amount Error
$0.01 Call
$0.02 Call
$0.05 Hold – Call
$0.06 Hold – Call
$0.07 Hold – Call
$0.08 Hold – Call
$0.20 Decline
$0.21 Decline
$0.22 Decline
$0.23 Decline
$0.24 Decline
$0.25 Decline
$0.26 Decline
$0.29 Expired Card
$0.39 No Such Issuer
$0.41 RE-ENTER
$0.43 Serv Not Allowed
$0.44 Serv Not Allowed
$0.48 CVV Mismatch
$0.49 Card OK
$0.50 Approval
$0.51 Prompt for Level II Data
$0.53 Prompt for Level 3 Data
$1.12 Decline
$1.13 Decline
$21.11 FAILURE
$22.21 System Busy
$22.31 Timeout
$22.41 Communication Error
$22.51 BLOCK


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